These are video snapshots of different communications on spiritual understanding in a physical world, presented by Ken Dyers.

Based on spiritual truths, they represent ‘stable’ viewpoints presented through Ken’s 60 years of research. As such, they are timeless and unchanging no matter who communicates them, no matter what the language. They are as true today, as they were yesterday, as they will be tomorrow. Contact us if you wish to view more video by Ken Dyers.


The DVD  'Spiritual Understanding in a Physical World'  is now available for purchase. This DVD is about life. Physical life and spiritual life; where they meet and how they can be balanced. It is about you. Not who you are, rather what you are.

'You are spiritual in essence, not the physical mind or body. You also have a childlike human spirit to teach you about the physical - all you need to is listen and learn.' -  Ken Dyers

As the pioneer of Energy Conversion and co-founder of Kenja Communication, Ken Dyers spent more than 60 years researching subtle energy, spirituality and the human viewpoint. Ken's genius was his ability to communicate his consciousness, wisdom and understanding of spiritual truths in a way that makes them accessible to anyone. This is original and unique. If you take time to look and listen – not just with your eyes and ears but with your perception, you’ll expand your reality to include all the freedom, joy and love you can possibly imagine.

The cost per DVD is AU $29.95 inc GST (not including shipping).
You can buy this DVD and the Freedom Lecture Series DVD (disk 1 to 5) from a Kenja Communication centre: 

SYDNEY 02 9289 7333
MELBOURNE 03 9670 2965
CANBERRA 02 6247 5674

Preview the DVD:

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