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 When the law is misused to attack innocent people with false allegations, devastating consequences ensue.
Jan Hamilton and friends expose the facts regarding the attack on Ken Dyers, Kenja and freedom of speech in Australia.

This compelling lecture 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent' is back by popular demand, playing now at major city venues.

If you are concerned about these issues, don’t miss this lecture.
Book now to secure your seats or call: Sydney (02) 9289 7333, Melbourne (03) 9670 2965 and Canberra (02) 6247 5674.

The facts:
  • Kenja is a communication training organisation that has operated in Australia since 1982. Its purpose is to increase understanding of the spirit and its relation to the human spirit, coupled with practical training in the basics of effective communication using time, space and energy.
  • Energy Conversion meditation is a way to permanently eliminate the suppressed emotion, thought or energy that can divert us from what we want to achieve.
  • Kenja has been positively helping people with with communication training and Energy Conversion meditation for 25 years, yet Ken Dyers was ruthlessly attacked through the misuse of the legal system for 15 years. Why?
  • Ken Dyers, World War II veteran, was cleared in court of all charges against him. How were these charges fabricated?
  • Millions of dollars in public money has been spent on legal action, spurred by the agenda of a small group of fanatics – who are still influencing this country’s institutions today. Why?


Ken Dyers' 2006 Freedom Lecture series was an outstanding success.

A person's reality – the way they view life – is established through the events that occur over their lifetime and the decisions they make about how to view those events.

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