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A person's reality – the way they view life – is established through the events that occur over their lifetime and the decisions they make about how to view those events.

For example, a young boy plays his first game of soccer. In the game he misses an easy shot at goal. From here, his options are open: He could make the decision he is not good at soccer because he never again wants to feel the embarasment of missing, or he may decide to practice until he is the best striker in the team.

The young boy in one interpretation sees soccer as a humiliating loss but with a change of reality, he sees it as a personal challenge. One reality leads to a shrinking of personal potential, the other leads to an expansive future of personal growth and exploration of potential.

This is an example of the way different realities take shape. The reality a person has is the way they see things, not necessarily the way they are.

Can the decisions that form our realities at a young age be revisited and changed at a later age, if we decide they have become too limited? Can you change your reality by deciding anew, what you are now capable of?


"The problem with saying you can't do something, is that if you say it enough you begin to believe it. And all of a sudden, you can't." said Kenja co-founder Ken Dyers.

"If you decide you are capable of doing something, you will become the person who can – if you are committed to personal change. By change, we mean change of reality. You can't change what you are, because you are a spirit, but you can increase your perception. This is spiritual evolution in essence. That's what Energy Conversion is for. It is a technique that gives people a way to separate and detach from the energy that makes realities solid. It allows us the freedom to consciously decide."

At Kenja, you can find out more about personal change. Kenja offers a national schedule of public communication lectures throughout the year, held in NSW, ACT and Victoria and providing attendees with an introduction to a reality on spirituality and accessing personal potential.

Ken Dyers and Jan Hamilton (Kenja co-founders) have for many years lectured nationally, offering a conceptual reality on the time, space and energy. All based on the research Ken developed over 60 years. While Ken has passed on, his communication has not - Jan continues to lecture on communication as well as her own experience with Klowning – a training that works hand-in-hand with the Energy Conversion meditation pioneered by Ken. The directors of the individual Kenja Centres also regularly give classes and lectures.

Lectures include personal demonstrations with audience members. This gives everyone a subjective reality on the topic being addressed. "It's important that people go away from the lectures with a practical understanding of what we are talking about. The information is not helpful to anyone if it remains a head-trip. If you can see this information or data and understand its principles, you can use it. When you find it works consistently, then it is worth something, something that works every time – that's what we are after in Kenja." Ken once said. "It's not about the person giving the lecture, it's about what they are communicating. It is about their reality on spirituality and the data."

If a person presents data to an audience as if they're reading from a book, they are just repeating something. But if they understand it on a deeper level, they can share this understanding with the audience. The can remind people they are spirits, that their skills and perceptions are far greater and more subtle than just the body's senses. If you live it, you can communicate it.

Many times during his life, Ken reaffirmed the foundations of Energy Conversion meditation, "The realities we communicate in Kenja are not new – far from it. They are spiritual truths that have remained unchanged through time. I have spent most of the later part of my life removing the dogma from these spiritual truths, so we can present them in a way that everyone can understand and use. It's the key to what we do in Kenja."

Lecturing at the Guthrie Theatre in November 2005, Jan Dyers spoke about change. "The situation you are now experiencing in your life is as a direct result of the decisions you have made about yourself. Change the decisions you have made about yourself and your situation will change."

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