Freedom Lecture Series - 2006

Ken Dyers' 2006 Freedom Lecture series was an outstanding success. For the countless audience members who participated Australia-wide, this series represented the opportunity to explore viewpoints about what freedom means to each of us personally.

'Freedom is the freedom of choice', explained Ken. 'The freedom to explore your potential, to further your understanding and awareness, the freedom to increase perception and gain wisdom. The freedom to become aware – not of who you are – that is a personality – rather, what you are.'

Are you a body, are you a mind or are you spiritual in nature? As you develop an understanding of your spirituality, you will become more aware of your natural lighter perceptions  - those that increase your ability to be cause over your life. This is where the real freedom lies.
'Real freedom exists outside of the limitations of the mind. Outside the ceiling of consciousness that is the thinking process.' added Kenja co-founder, Jan Dyers.

Given the title of the 2006  'Freedom' lecture series, we thought it timely in this issue of Kenja Voice that we explore our concept of freedom.

We are talking about the freedom of choice. The freedom to make decisions in the most basic areas. What kind of job we want, where we want to live – but we're also talking about the freedom to develop the kind of quality friendships that can exist with increased perception, and the improved communication skills that result.

The freedom to refine our sensitivity so we can perceive and engage in lighter levels of communication. The freedom to arrive at resolutions that lead to hope, positivity clarity and sanity. The freedom to choose what we want to be, what we want to do, what we want to have.

There's also freedom in not doing certain things. Freedom in staying outside the many traps that modern living would otherwise force us into – pressure to sell out who we are, the things we care about because we think that's the only way we can be successful.

Issues relating to these kinds of freedom can be confronting but the Freedom lecture series will address these issues and in response, open the doors to many invaluable points of view.

The Kenja National Executive team was very excited to have the opportunity to host a full national lecture schedule, featuring such outstanding communicators as Ken Dyers and Jan Dyers. In all the feedback we have received, the theme was consistently positive - Australians asserting that they were glad they had been a part of such an important event.

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