Once again, Kenja in the Community enthusiastically contributed to the Sustainable Living Festival held at Federation Square in Melbourne from February 16 to 18, 2007.

Organisers expected over 100,000 Victorians to attend the three-day event, where exhibitors from a wide range of backgrounds and interests converged, with one common theme: All were keen to invest their time and energy in the creation of a sustainable future for our planet.

Never has the subject been so publicly highlighted than over the past year, driven significantly by the release of the Al Gore documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Incontrovertibly, people around the world are keen to find out what they can do to reduce our environmental footprint and ideally reverse the impact humankind has vested on our precious planet. And judging by the phenomenal numbers and enthusiasm of the gathered crowds, the Sustainable Living Festival 2007 was a universally appreciated opportunity to find out more.

Whether switching off a light, composting the garden or using recycled paper at the office there were hundreds of simple and easy suggestions as to how we can make a positive difference in creating a sustainable future. The role Kenja training can play in this future, is that of a tool for creative change. As the Festival’s website explained:

Achieving a sustainable way of living requires change. Individual change, national change, global change. But the very nature of change involves letting go of one viewpoint before embracing another. How can we manage this change in order to work together for a sustainable future? The answer is through communication. Effective communication enables us to exchange realities with each other. This leads to an expanded and enhanced reality: One that has grown from the interchange of the two. In the context of our need to work together and change the way we live, communication is more than ever an essential tool for survival. Kenja Communication offers ongoing practical training in effective communication. Using Energy Conversion Mediation and Kenja Klowning, the training helps people develop their understanding of stable spiritual truths, then apply these to daily life for everyone’s gain.

And it seems this view was very positively received, with Kenja’s stand at Birrarung Mar beside the Yarra River attracting a lot of interest. However, with the weekend reaching around 38 degrees Celcius during the days, there was no way we would have even tried to compete with the Yarra Valley water stand – who were giving away glasses of water all day long!

Kenja in the Community greatly values its contribution to the Sustainable Living Festival and we look forward to 2008, where we hope to join in further supporting and expanding this vital community event.


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