MYEE HAMILTON - East Coast Tour

Following the success of her debut CD S'Myee in late 2005, Myee Hamilton completed a live tour of the Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney Kenja Centres. Starting in Melbourne and working her way North, Myee wooed her audiences with a selection of personal favourites from the 1950’s.

She looks back on the experience as a personal highlight. "It was truly wonderful to be able to perform on stage, songs that were so much a part of my growing up. Music means so much to so many people. It can communicate things that we would otherwise have trouble communicating. I am privileged to have such great support and in particular, for the training pioneered by Ken and Jan, which really created the playing field for me to pursue my performance dreams. Thank you to them both, and to everyone who has supported me so enthusiastically."

With Myee's uplifting communication coming through loud and clear, it’d be nice to think that at age 84, we too will still be following our dreams.

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