S'MYEE - Myee Hamilton's CD Release

In December 2005, Myee Hamilton realised a dream she'd had for much of her 83 years: She released her very own CD.

"I have always loved to sing", says Myee "although I never thought I'd have a CD of my own."

Her life has always been richly infused with culture – from her mother's piano playing to her own love of musicals as a child. Myee married, had children and yet, has always has pursued her life long passion for music.

Over the last thirty years, in between tennis lessons and ballroom dancing, Myee has worked in both Melbourne and Sydney as a Speech Tutor. She has taught choirs, tap danced in Eisteddfods and performed publicly to great acclaim.

It was at a Kenja workshop in 2004 when Myee took to the stage and performed a beloved Gershwin song. She finished to thunderous applause and the time was right for a recording date. "I was amazed that people enjoyed it so much. Those old songs never seem to go out of date. George (Gershwin) just fills me with wonder – he wrote such beautiful music. His songs remind us all about romance and simple joy. I love them."

Myee views life beyond identifying with the tag of age. "I use the Energy Conversion to stay youthful. I never feel too old to do something. Some things just take a little longer than they used to, that's all!"

Later in 2006, Myee plans to kick off her first ever tour of Australia's eastern seaboard, performing in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. She sings because she loves to sing – and the joy with which she performs, delights and inspires audiences wherever she goes.

Myee sums up the experience to date: "Through the Kenja training I've met so many wonderful and talented people, thanks to all who have generously given their time for the CD, and a special thanks to Ken and Jan for always reminding me that I can."

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