Kenja’s 21st Eisteddfod 2009

Kenja’s 21st Eisteddfod 2009 Honouring the life of a Great Australian Ken Dyers, was an unqualified triumph.

Warmly hosted by one of Melbourne’s premier luxury hotels, this Kenja Eisteddfod was welcomed by the heart of Melbourne city and cheered on by the vocal support of Melbourne’s public and a strong contingent of socially and politically aware community members and leaders.

Over two days of public performance and communication, participants sought to share the best of themselves and to showcase the skills they have developed using Kenja training. From infants to the elderly, competitors inspired their audiences and each other, freely celebrating personal bests in singing, music, poetry, dance, aerobics, tap, ballet, formation showcase and ballroom dancing. They showed age does not matter, nor body size when it comes to communicating the joy of culture for all. It was clear to everyone attending, this was what Kenja is really about, this was Energy Conversion meditation in action. And this was a marvellous tribute to the enduring work of Kenja co-founder Ken Dyers, to whom the event was dedicated.

What an inspiring event, highlighted by a Concert and the outstanding public lecture ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ – a powerful plea for sanity in a world where false accusation has become tantamount to conviction in so many examples other than our own. It seems even after passing on, Ken continues to be a source of inspiration for so many who come to see the lecture, to understand what drives a few to attack rather than take responsibility themselves, and to know that only by becoming fearless and speaking out with compassion and directness, will the truth ultimately prevail.

A magnificent Kenja Eisteddfod indeed! Onwards and upwards!

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