Sydney Spectacular - More Spectacular than ever

November 2006 marked a spectacular public celebration of communication, culture and creative expression with the Kenja Spectacular, held in Sydney. The stylish and beautifully preserved Petersham Town Hall hosted the annual Prizewinners’ Concert. The prizewinners being the people, who won or scored very highly at the Kenja Eisteddfod, held in Melbourne in September of this year. Over 60 performers of all ages, sizes and degrees of technical expertise – from beginners to professional standard – dazzled and delighted a capacity crowd of onlookers. There is something wonderful about this concert: A return to the true variety concert format of yester year with a focus on freedom of expression and a genuine celebration of the wins so many individuals have achieved through their use of the Kenja training. Whilst audiences sat rapt throughout the show – admiring the beautiful grace of ballet dancers, the comic timing of an all-men tap group and the captivating magic of a four year old girl who proudly presented her rendition of 'Three Blind Mice' on piano, the cast, crew and show overseer Jan Hamilton all agreed, this was a concert greater than any before it.

And the weekend only got better! That same evening, UTS hosted an outstanding public lecture presented by Kenja co-founder Jan Hamilton, who delivered the latest research direct from Australia’s premier authority on human communication, Ken Dyers. The result was an outstanding presentation delivered with Jan's unique style and humour. There was a very positive buzz in the air afterwards – a testament to the fact Ken’s research is constantly reaching even more inspiring heights of accessibility and clarity. This was true also of the workshop held on Sunday – so many Australians from all walks of life celebrating their personal growth and their use of Energy Conversion meditation as a truly remarkable vehicle for change. Thanks to all who helped make this an outstanding event. The training just keeps getting better and better.

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