Kenja’s Aussie All Stars shone bright in Parramatta

March 31 - April 2  2006

Come one, come all to the Kenja Aussie All Stars: A three day weekend celebrating the star in us all – from the ballroom dancing floor to the netball court and football field the stars shine bright. The weekend was highlighted by an evening public lecture presented by Kenja co-founder Ken Dyers, and a one-day Energy Conversion meditation workshop the following day, given by Kenja co-founder Jan Hamilton.

So why hold a competition in sport and cultural pursuits for a diverse mixed group of individuals with all standards of skill?

Because every human being can shine and has a right to shine.

As children we are extremely curious about the world around us. We are also very free with our expression. We play sport, we explore culture, all with a keen interest in pursuing our personal potential. Importantly, our lack of fear helps us improve at the fastest possible rate! Later, with the pressures of adult life we can begin to limit our reach into new areas of personal achievement.

Kenja’s Aussie All Stars is a chance to start fresh. Using the Energy Conversion meditation training available through Kenja Communication, participants in the competition rediscover the natural wonder they had as a child exploring physical activities – they are even courageous enough to start something completely new – like ballroom dancing at 65 years of age!

Share in the magic of free expression and the discovery of new stars – at next year's Kenja’s Aussie All Stars in Sydney - and become an Aussie All Star yourself!

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