Kenja's 2005 Eisteddfod
A rendezvous with the "I can" viewpoint

When so many areas of human endeavour have already been conquered - when we have climbed highest mountains and explored deepest oceans, we can be reassured that the most exciting field awaiting exploration remains largely unknown. We have yet to truly understand its uncharted territories, yet the rewards of such investigation are unlimited. For the greatest discoveries remaining to be explored lie within ourselves...

'I Can.'

Two words that express endless potential. Two words that were the theme of the Kenja Eisteddfod for 2005. Two words that begin the truly exciting exploration of personal potential.

At this year's Kenja Eisteddfod, the journey started for many with "I can increase what I am capable of". Behind the scenes, many individuals took on areas of responsibility beyond their considered skill level. Areas of leadership and organisation beyond anything they'd tried before. Why did they do this? To grow. To expand their personal skills and abilities. To create adventure - and to find out they can.

"If we only do the things we've always done, we will live the life we have always lived."

From running a national ballroom dancing competition and Gala Ball, to taking on the planning, preparation and presentation of over 1,300 meals as part of the catering team, to assembling, motivating and organising (from rehearsals to costumes) teams of dancers to perform ballet, showcase and tap routines - these and many more stories formed the fabric of growth for the team behind the Eisteddfod organisation.

Those who took on these challenges found in themselves a way to say 'I can'. It was evidenced in the remarkable unity, the highest standards and the release of human joy that filled the event at Caulfield Arts centre and at Federation Square.

The next step was "I can achieve a personal best." Whether competitors took home  gold, silver, bronze - or the knowledge that they had excelled beyond anything they'd done before, there were many occasions during the Eisteddfod where a competitor's face said it all. The joy of expressing passion for life through gymnastics. The thrill of standing before an audience, and sending and receiving communication that inspires, challenges and uplifts a room. The ability to fill a public space with the most subtle sensitivities of ballet. Or the hilarity and sheer brilliance of an orchestra tapping into human expression with an ode to football loyalties.  These were all "I cans" we will never forget.

The Kenja show 'Inspired Moments' provided another forum for personal expression.  For some performers, this was a return to performing Kenja Shows after a long break - and a lot of personal change. For others, it was the first time they’d ever performed in public. What was remarkable was the unique contribution every individual brought to each performance. And there was nothing more rewarding for everyone involved, than the expression on the faces of cast members who stretched right outside their comfort zones and found the meaning of 'I can' for themselves. In her inimitable style, Jan Hamilton as writer and director of Inspired Moments somehow managed to create a space for every person who wanted to perform, so that their reach was challenging, but never beyond their means. She facilitated the discovery of "I can" for so many of us on that wonderful night.

And the show stopping "I can" Ken Dyers' public lecture Energy Ethics and Effectivenes, a lecture about having more fun in your life at the BMW Edge theatre in Federation Square on Saturday night. Ken gave a compellingly honest and compassionate communication to a theatre filled with people he had never met. He inspired all to eliminate the "I can'ts" in their lives and replace them with 'I can' using Energy Conversion, and prompted us all to find out we can do anything we think we can by applying ourselves and eliminating negative viewpoints.

Whilst focussing his full attention on helping others validate their own "I cans", Ken communicated to awaken a greater understanding of natural spiritual abilities. He was uncompromising in his challenge to those thoughts, energies and emotions that limit personal potential.

As he said himself, "When you make a decision as a spirit, that you will listen to the human and accept it is your teacher, you will find wisdom and begin a life of happiness."  Ken finished his communication as the glass walls behind him lit into a spectacular fireworks display. Love and magic championed the night. And the audience resoundingly agreed.

To take away from such an event the greatest lesson learned, we must truly validate what we achieved both individually and together. And we must never go back to less than that.

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