Kenja's 2005 Spectacular - Prizewinner's Concert

Several audience members would have had some concept of what they were about to experience. For others, Kenja Klowning, manifesting live on stage at the Tom Mann Theatre in Sydney's Surry Hills as the Spectacular Prizewinners' Concert 2005, opened the door to a new world of free expression, joy and creativity.

In consultation with Ken, Jan briefed the show's cast to explore creating the significance they individually chose for themselves, their characters and their performances and to share this with the audience.  The result was an adventure like no other, beginning with a team of explorers who set off to discover the world. Joined by a growing swell of curious joy-seekers, it soon became apparent they were following a trail – a series of footprints that paved the way. These were the footprints in the sands of time, and all who journeyed were actually seeking to stand on the shoulders of those before them, to reach higher than ever before for their personal potential.

The Prizewinner's Concert was magnificent. An appreciative crowd agreed, the young children stole the show with their strong sense of humanity, their uninhibited performances on piano, reciting poetry and ballroom dancing. But the grown ups were outstanding too. Sydney's ballet combined the everyday routine of washing clothes with a magical insight into simple joys. The Melbourne Tap dancing men roused the crowd with an ode to Australian Rules Footy and Canberra Poets shared the power of the united voice with their prize winning choral poetry performance. Professional musicians had their own breakthroughs – finding for themselves a new level of communication excellence where they performed in harmony with the physically created energy of their music, free to express themselves as never before.

It was an afternoon of highlights – and it paved the way for a future of great things. The many people who worked to make the concert the success it was, themselves left the next footprints in the sand for others to use as inspiration when stepping forward into their own journeys.

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