A time for coming together to celebrate real friendship – Kenja Christmas 2008

Christmas time at Kenja is always a special time, and this year was no exception, with a feast of activities punctuating our end-of-year calendar.

From the all-inclusive Carols By Candlelight complete with hilarious Klowning-based Christmas-themed skits, to the annual Kenja Pantomime shows – where this year, the Thought Police’s dastardly attempts to undermine the joy of Christmas and Santa’s annual deliveries fell foul to the strength of Christmas spirit – each of the Kenja Centres offered fantastic quality, family-friendly activities for all. Each state also hosted excerpts from Handel’s Messiah – with some of the performers traveling interstate between Centres to perform.

And of course there were Christmas parties for the children hosted through each Kenja Centre – plus parties for the grown ups too, which they also celebrated in style! Live music, entertainment, visits from Santa and the elves and of course, our ever trusted mascot Kenja’s Fearless Bunyip, plus a huge turnout from friends of Kenja and the families of Kenja participants – made these celebrations a very reassuring and positive statement about the real contribution Kenja offers our community and the surprisingly widespread support we enjoy from a great many who wanted to say they simply admire what Kenja is all about and support our ongoing success and growth.

To all those who supported the wonderful Kenja game throughout 2008 and continue to do so into the future, we give a heartfelt thanks. May 2009 and beyond bring you all the happiness and friendship and love you can handle!

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