Kenja Australia Day Celebration 2016

Australia Day has expanded to many things for many people.

Kenja created a celebration involving so many cultures that have created this wealth of cultures we call Australia.

From the saluting of the original inhabitants, the aboriginal cultures that formed this country; through the original illegal fishermen, the Indonesians fishing in Australian waters for sea cucumbers; then the Chinese who may have traded with the aborigines, then the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French and then the English.

All contributing to and creating the great mix of peoples that make up this unique place.

It was a fun filled event enjoyed by families and many people.

May we all create Australia with wisdom, compassion, understanding, love and admiration into 2016.

Australia Day 2016
Hundreds of people enjoyed the pageant
in a truly multicultural Australia Day
Australia Day 2016
Were the Chinese trading with the Aborigines
long before white settlement
Australia Day 2016
In the 1400s the Pope divides Australia
between the Portuguese and the Spanish
to try to stop them going to war
Australia Day 2016
La Perouse meets Captain Phillip,
who saves the lives of him and his crew.
La Perouse entrusts Phillip with his journals
Australia Day 2016
Will La Perouse's boat sink?
Australia Day 2016
Phillip lands on the shores of Balmoral

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