What fundamental change can a person expect from their life, when they take into account the viewpoint of the human spirit?

The simple answer is that there will be more friendship, love and joy in their life. I think we could all do with that. Love is the key for all human experience and the human spirit is the one that really understands love. When it comes into the equation, the whole game of life changes. If the human is in good shape, there will be plenty of laughter and friendship.

Do you think this is a priority for people?

It really depends on what people define as the ‘success’ they seek in life. The human viewpoint is often sorely neglected when people get tied up in other games on the road to success. They can place the human viewpoint a long way down their list of priorities. I just say ‘Would you like to have an attitude towards your life like you had when you were a child when you discovered your first ladybird? Would you like to have that? Would you like to be more in touch with the joyful things in the physical universe instead of its problems?” Well that’s achievable. That’s the natural state of the human. Unhappiness as a state of existence, is unnatural. That might be a little difficult to grasp, but to the human, unhappiness is foreign. Just as to a child, unhappiness is foreign. We just learn to live with it as adults, we tolerate it because we don’t know how to detach from it, we don’t know there is an alternative, so we accept it.

If you want to recover your natural state in life – not a 'super state' – just your natural state, you need to remove the energy and thoughts from your energy field that are unnatural. Energy Conversion Meditation will help you do it. And that’s the purpose of Kenja; getting back to our natural state where we enjoyed all the simple, wonderful things. Then you can have the career with all of the personal challenges you want, achieve your goals spiritually and experience human happiness at the same time. This could be defined as a balanced life.

What do we do to regain the viewpoint of the human spirit?

As a person goes through life, they may assume viewpoints that are inhuman – to achieve short-term success. And it's not just the viewpoints that they are consciously aware of; they can be very subtle, in fact the subtle ones are the toughest to locate. These are the viewpoints we're not conscious of but have picked up through time as we grow up experiencing inhuman situations. We all develop inhuman defences in a bid to survive. At this point we can sacrifice the quality of our communication in order to achieve a goal.

Firstly you need to become conscious of the human spirit. You can't create it – just become conscious of it. To become conscious of it, you need to locate and gets rid of negative viewpoints that suppress the human. As you, the spirit naturally evolves, you will become more conscious of the human spirit. And seek to learn from it.

How long does it take for the human viewpoint to re-emerge?

People start to get changes straight away. In my experience through the work I’ve done with Ken over 30 years now, the combination of the Klowning training and Ken’s research into Energy Conversion work extremely well together. It's amazing to watch the human viewpoint re-emerge in people. When they do Energy Conversion Meditation they are able to detach and create a space for the human to communicate. Then when they attend a Klowning class, the human suddenly finds space and the freedom to communicate. It is very beautiful to be part of. Quite wonderful.

Then slowly, as the human begins to stabilise, their life fundamentally changes. Suddenly their environment is not a threat - even in the face of opposing realities. Suddenly they have the ability to simply make everybody a friend. With a common denominator that bypasses the unnatural barriers we put between people – race, creed, colour, religion, suddenly we all are able to communicate.

You can get the human viewpoint strong with Energy Conversion. Then it becomes a very strong force for you because it naturally engenders the human viewpoint in other people. You become a highly creative person and people want you around. This is because you are now stabilising the human viewpoint in the environment.

From your experience, working with people over many years with the Klowning training, you'd have come in contact with many people who had turned their back on the human viewpoint. Do you think a lot of adults look at children and see the human viewpoint and honestly forget that they were once like that?

Yes, unfortunately that often does occur. Adults can leave the enjoyment of life to the children while they get on with 'important things'. This is a big problem, but as I said this can be changed. Doing the 'important things' whilst enjoying life, that's an upgrade as far as I am concerned.

And one of the joys of having children can be the rediscovery of the human in oneself – because a child operates from a completely different universe, a universe that consists of love and joy and understanding and the joy of living. So in order to reach that child you have to understand the human viewpoint. And the only way to do that is to get in touch with the human viewpoint in yourself.

What would happen to the wider community if enough people had human viewpoint?

We would be in communication. There would be no need for situations to deteriorate as we so commonly see around the world. War would disappear; crime would disappear because we would have compassion and understanding enough to address the reasons for its existence. Personal put-down would disappear and all the suppressive games designed to invalidate, degrade and establish power sources as superior to others, would just simply go. It’d be wonderful! And then we could get on with enjoying each other and this wonderful planet.

Is that the purpose of Kenja?


Thank you for your time Jan.

Thank you

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