Why are some people more motivated than others?

Motivation is really the drive that allows you to achieve goals in alignment with your purpose.
It is a very individual thing and varies from person to person.
Some people are motivated by short term goals like gathering possessions, money, a house, things that make their life comfortable or indicate a level of success. Others have longer-term motivations involving more people. Having children, creating a family and becoming a good mother or father. Some are motivated by a more spiritual purpose, to find out more about what they are in essence, rather than who they are. It comes down to what is real to the person. They will only be motivated to achieve something that they are aware of.

What do you by ‘real’ to them?

Well if you are aware that you have the potential to achieve something that is important to you, and if you think you can do it, then you will find the motivation or the energy to get there. If you really don’t think something is possible, then it is difficult to get motivated.
That’s the main problem; when people believe that they are simply not capable of achieving something. They become overwhelmed with negativity and they lose their motivation. That can come down to the way you handle negativity. If you stay separate from negativity then you have access to your potential. At that point you are keen to play the game of life.

Are people motivated by more than one thing?

Most people are motivated by a combination of things – and those motivations change for a person as they go through their life as well, especially physical motivations because they are more short term.  What motivates a person at 20 years of age, may not motivate them at 40. A person’s priorities change in that time as they mature.
What we promote in the Kenja training, is looking at life from the spiritual viewpoint, taking the wider view. If you are motivated spiritually, then all of the physical motivations will fall into place naturally. Achieving a balance between the spiritual and the physical realities is the real aim.

What do you mean by balance?

Well physical motivations lead to physical outcomes. If you are only trying to achieve physical goals, that is all you will achieve. And that’s ok, but there is more.

What do you do to motivate people?

The first thing to do is find out what a person wants, and the indicators that they send out may be very subtle. You need to be very sensitive to the person to locate this. What a person really wants is rarely just physical. Once people have handled the basic problems of food and shelter and reach a level of satisfaction in their lives, they may feel satisfied, and that is where their life in a way finishes because they are not going to extend beyond those boundaries.
We are most alive in the times when we are changing, because everything is new. A better future lies hidden in the things you currently can’t do.

So what stops people tackling change head on?

Fear of failure. If a person has tried to change and failed enough times, even looking at the area again makes them uncomfortable. If you want a different future, a better future, you have to make it happen. It is unlikely anyone will give you the future you want. It is up to you, so the ability to change and adapt to the environment is your most important skill, that and the ability to create.

So how can you help a person achieve the change they are after?

Well that’s what we do in Kenja. There is a safe training space here. And the working reality is that people need a training ground to stretch themselves. Energy Conversion Meditation is a very practical technique for addressing the energy that makes personal problems or limitations persist. Detaching from the energy is the key, and that is done in meditation. The Klowning training provides an environment where people can extend their communication abilities and let the human spirit come back into the picture. That is when people really start getting in touch with the joy of life again.

Developing the skill to work together in teams is also an important part of the work in Kenja. How do you motivate people to achieve a goal together?

By understanding agreement. There are basic things that everybody has in common. One is that we are spiritual in essence. So if you develop your ability to locate the individual, the spirit, outside of their negative thoughts, then you’re able to become conscious of the human quality they have there too – everybody has that there in common. The rest is just confusion. You cannot control or manipulate a person spiritually. But if you understand their spiritual needs and contribute to those needs being realised, you will get their agreement.
I think what most people don’t realise is that the way they feel, their insecurities, their isolation, their loneliness, their fears, their feeling that they haven’t been understood – those reactive thoughts are common amongst all of us, we are part of the same family – it’s called mankind. We have a lot in common, though of course there are differences. If the common viewpoints and the differences are celebrated then it is a joyous experience to share. 

Is spirituality something that can be taught?

No one can teach you who you are. What we do in Kenja is to provide an environment where you are able to discover things about yourself, for yourself. What you understand about your own spirituality is an intensely private thing that only you can discover. That’s why we never interfere with anyone’s life and what they choose to do. We provide the training for people to have a look for themselves. They ask the questions, they find the answers. The technique is Energy Conversion coupled with Kenja Klowning. The rest is up to the individual. They can take their personal search as far as they choose.

What motivates you?

The privilege of being able to co-create a game with Ken and so many other people which is designed to enhance the lives of others. An action like this attracts great support from the spiritual universe. I am motivated to promote this game that ensures that people have wins in their life. It’s not just about one’s own achievements, it’s about sharing the joy of what other people can achieve, and that in turn attracts like-minded people. All of a sudden you are around people who want to create, and to me that is a great privilege.

What makes you happy Jan?

The pursuit of what we could be, and what we could do together which attracts something larger; it attracts admiration from the spiritual universe. And that is really something wonderful, that’s really it.

Jan, thank you for today’s interview.

Thank you

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