The training in Kenja is designed to help people better understand the human spirit. Why is that?

Kenja training firstly acknowledges we are spiritual in essence. Once you understand that you are not the body and not the mind, you're ready to come to terms with the reality that you are a spirit.  This is an evolution of consciousness, from the physical through to the spiritual. From there you will find there's another viewpoint, which is the human. If you are behaving unkindly, the human will communicate to you. Some people think of it as a conscience, but in reality it is the human.

When we talk about the child-like viewpoint, the viewpoint that is common to everyone, we are talking about the human spirit. It is a spirit in its own right, the native spirit of this planet. The human is compassionate and conscious of love. It possesses the qualities we associate with humane living - that's why we call it the 'human'. Consistent with our purpose in being here, is our need to understand the nature of the human spirit. Once we have this basic understanding, we can create a lifestyle consistent with the survival of the human.

How do we go about doing this?

In a young child you can be aware the human spirit is there strongly. We are sensitive with that child because the human is very open and vulnerable. At a certain age, normally around 6 or 7 years old, we begin to treat the child differently because we consider that it is time for them to 'grow up'. At this point the human viewpoint starts to become inhibited and invalidated - this is a tragedy. For most of us, the human reality diminishes as we become adults and depart from childhood. The drive to succeed at all costs means that we often push the human aside.

Does maturity mean losing the human viewpoint?

No, not at all. However if we get involved in activities that are not benign to the human spirit, it can become overwhelmed. It is like growing a plant in the wrong soil, it just doesn't survive as well as it should. With the kind of non-human games that occur all around us in our daily lives, it's very difficult not to have the human affected in some way. That is why we need to take responsibility for the energy in our environment. We can start with our own lives.

When the human viewpoint is strong, common decency and sanity prevail, like the guys on both sides playing soccer on the front lines of the First World War; insanity stops, fighting stops. For a brief moment while the humans communicate, there is friendship. A person who can maintain and promote a human viewpoint is in my opinion quite heroic, very valuable to a society that is very much lacking the human viewpoint on an individual and a global level.

If you don't accept that the human exists, then how can the rehabilitation begin? It is there. It may be overwhelmed and not be very happy but it is there. Individuals use Kenja training to give back to the human its voice.

The first step is just to acknowledge the existence of the human and come to terms with the fact that it has a different viewpoint to you. It views life very simply - to enjoy life, a life of the body and human mind. The second step is to say to yourself  'I am going to begin a journey of locating the energies I use that have allowed my human to be overwhelmed, by spiritually experiencing the incident that caused the overwhelm'. The final step is to become aware of those 'identities' we unconsciously adopt which, in their agenda, have no place for a human viewpoint.

If we spiritually take responsibility for our energy and our communication, would the human be buoyant enough to rise - or do we need to do something extra?

Anyone who has trained in Kenja Klowning has experienced an environment that is optimum for the human. They will have seen how, during the course of the class, people's humans begin to emerge. It is amazing. Very often when a human spirit first emerges it is not in good shape, it has been overwhelmed. So the way we tackle that is you just create a space where it can just 'be', free of suppression and degradation. Taking responsibility includes your thoughts, energies and the way you treat others. I am talking about a change of lifestyle to accommodate this.

There needs to be some fun in the game as well and the human needs to relate to other people. It gets its happiness from interaction. This is not a philosophy; it's a working reality. Humans do emerge in this environment. And the ability to create the magic for the life of the human is a very important factor for the human in creating a benign state of existence for itself.
When people maintain this lightness in their every day life, the human will be there all the time. Every day becomes a marvellous adventure with a buoyant human - it will become the best friend you have.

Once you find the human again you will never lose it. A strong human can sustain a positive viewpoint in the face of inhuman realities. It is the common denominator between men and women, between races and religions.

What happens to people who pursue a path of spiritual growth or evolution and do not take the human into account?

I challenge you to find a person you consider to be truly evolved, who does not have a strong understanding of the human. They may call it something different, that's fine, the terms don't really matter, but they will have a good understanding of it. They are happy when it's happy.

A big part of evolvement is realising the human spirit does exist, it is real, it is there. The human communicates with a very light energy and if you develop your lighter perceptions, you will quickly become aware it is there. Children understand it very well.

An evolved spirit simply salutes the existence of the human. If you became aware of a child crying in a room, it would be very inhuman, very unnatural not help it. That would go against our instincts. When a person who is evolving becomes aware the child within themselves is not in good shape, they naturally take responsibility for it. You do not evolve away from the human; you evolve towards it.

When people take responsibility for their own human, is it then a natural progression to extend their attention to include other humans?

Yes, because they're using their human as part of the conversation.  The human really knows how to communicate on a level that gets agreement. It knows how to take care of the body and understands physical life. As spirits we are very intelligent and have a lot of abilities, but the human is the one that understands love, culture and friendship. And just as kids like to play with each other, so it is with the humans who just like to experience fun, love and magic. Humans relate to humans.

The stronger your human spirit becomes, the more profound the creative effect it will have on other humans. It is incredible to see adults with strong humans, relating. It is the most satisfying thing to me in the world. I know that through the training we have provided in Kenja we've helped many people improve their lives forever and just knowing that they'll go off into their work, friendships and relationships and spread positivity and a love consciousness which creates better communication, is very satisfying. 

This is the magic of the Kenja training; it relies on people doing it themselves. We have a marvellous training with Energy Conversion and Klowning - they work beautifully together. The way to help somebody spiritually is to help them get into a space where they can resolve things for themselves. Therefore, the positive life changes people get from the training are permanent. Their understanding, compassion and ability to help and understand others goes through the roof.
That's evolution; it opens the doorway for the human to shine. Surely that's evolution.

So the Kenja training, apart from enabling people to positively change is changing and improving itself?

Yes, it is a very exciting time. Very exciting indeed!

Jan Hamilton thank you very much.

Thank you.

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