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Kenja is a constantly evolving and developing communication training ground. Today we operate centres across Australia and alongside regular Energy Conversion workshops, Communication and Klowning classes, a number of national Kenja events bring together many people from all centres, and all walks of life each year.

Each year, the Canberra Kenja centre hosts the Kenja Challenge – a 3-day programme featuring sporting competitions, and a Kenja Show. Around September, Kenja Melbourne puts on a Kenja Eisteddfod –four days of cultural competition, performance and communication. And later in the year, the Kenja Spectacular lights up Sydney and at the end of summer, Sydney also hosts the sporting-focussed Kenja Aussie All Stars weekend. All these national events include lectures presented to consistently full house audiences.

Each event is great fun for all involved and include hundreds of people every year. But what is their purpose?

1: Kenja is like a gymnasium for communication. People use Energy Conversion and Klowning to become more effective communicators. A nationally co-ordinated event encourages participants to stretch themselves, to take on and achieve activities that expand their personal range. Organised on a purely voluntary basis, they rely wholly and solely on a person’s ability to make things happen by agreement. Those who choose to help organise each event get invaluable on-the-spot training through the support of event co-ordinators and fellow team members. They also benefit through finding out new and better ways to achieve things, and proudly showing results of their work to the world!

2: Annual Kenja events necessitate organisers and participants to work in groups. Now there’s a word that causes many to run and hide. It’s one thing to manage your own life, but to work in a group! Yet groups exist everywhere – at work, in families, in communities. We move in and out of them on a daily basis. Understanding the dynamics of a group action and being able to work with others is part of a healthy, effective and expansive life. If you want to achieve anything in life, at some point you are likely to have to interact with a group to make it happen. With a Kenja event, you can put your toe in the water and find out that groups really are only made up of a lot of individuals working towards a similar goal.

3: Each centre has its own unique personality, a composite of the many individuals who train there. A national event is a chance for a centre to present its unique assets. It demonstrates and consolidates the positive growth and change that the people in each centre have created together and individually, inviting people to come in, see what we do – and join in if they want to! Local communities, families and friends are invited to come along and see for themselves, this great training in action.

4: Kenja is a truly magnificent environment for people seeking to better enhance the quality of their lives and their environments. A chance to promote the joy of communication and culture. What better way to present who we really are and the positive effects we’re capable of creating, than to host a national event. Each event is highlighted by a public lecture on personal effectiveness through positive communication, applying the research of Kenja co-founder Ken Dyers, and Jan Hamilton's presentation of the Klowning work through writing and directing Kenja stage shows.

Bet you can’t wait for the next Kenja event! As the National Executive team for Kenja, we are immensely proud of the fantastic work, the passionate dedication, the exciting new ideas and challenging personal projects that so many people undertake each year to put on national Kenja events. These are the many who know they’ve gained so much through Energy Conversion and are eager to share their wins, to continue their growth by stretching themselves and building on their skills. This is an action where everyone benefits – and that is reward in itself.

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