Woman's Day article         

Kenja vigorously denies that sexual assault has occurred at this organisation.

Over a number of years people that were hostile to Kenja made false allegations of sexual assault.

Kenja has a strict ethical code of behaviour and from time to time people who did not comply with standards of decency and honesty which were required were asked to leave the organisation.

This has been a source of animosity and conflict with people who previously participated at Kenja.

Ken Dyers, the co-founder of Kenja, who passed away in 2007, was exonerated by the courts of any wrongdoing in relation to such allegations.

Continued allegations against the late Ken Dyers and Kenja are scurrilous and opportunistic.

Kenja has not agreed to participate in the National Redress Scheme and this has enlivened animosity towards our organisation. We do not intend to be bullied and intimidated by false allegations.

Some people seek to create hysteria and a witch hunt, but neither hysteria nor witch hunts are based on the truth.

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