"Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had an environment in which we could grow mentally, physically and spiritually, without suppression, without degradation and without fear? Wouldn’t it be great?"
Ken Dyers

As Kenja is a training ground for the improvement of communication skills, the many people involved  in Kenja classes and activities over the years developed and evolved Kenja's own code of ethics. These are openly stated and agreed upon barriers, developed to ensure the existence of an optimum environment for honest communication and creative change and to define freedoms where people can creatively express themselves without fear. Kenja Ethics are constantly being refined as Kenja participants enhance their communication skills.

Ethics of Kenja
Since the inception of Kenja in 1982

1. Our purpose is to assist the individual to increase their self-esteem and develop their full potential to survive with joy in all facets of their life.

2. Kenja is a training ground to enable people to increase their creativity in the full spectrum of their own lives. If the individual neglects this and creates Kenja as a substitute for the creation of his/her own life, he/she is asked to leave until he/she can creatively expand his/her own individual life.

3. Any skills acquired in communication are used creatively towards other people. If an individual uses these skills destructively towards people, we will not work with that individual.

4. We acknowledge the individual's right to experience the discovery and expression of their own spirituality as they see fit. (People of varying religions practise the work.)

5. No one in Kenja carries gossip. No one covertly assassinates another's character.

6. The family unit is respected and created and no one interferes destructively with the family unit.

7. If a man and woman are involved in a relationship no one engages in any activity that would be destructive towards that relationship.

8. We do not charge children for training they receive in Kenja. Students and older teenagers either pay rates they consider they can afford or are not charged for training. (In fact most of the training, administration and creation of the action of Kenja is done for no charge. Profits made are returned to the creation of the action.)

9. No one signs up for any workshops or classes in Kenja.

10. There are no courses at Kenja - only classes and workshops, complete in themselves. Activities are paid for on attendance. If any activity is paid in advance and the person does not attend, the money is refunded on request. This eliminates any financial traps in the action.

11. We will not work with individuals we consider we can't help or are not helping and who will not benefit from the work.

12. If an individual is under psychiatric or specialist medical care, we need the consent of the practitioner before they engage in the work. No one is ever asked to cease taking medication, or medical or psychiatric care. In fact it is suggested that they continue with that course of treatment, or talk to their practitioner on the participation in the work. We take care to not encroach on any of these professional areas.

13. No illegal drugs or alcohol are used or allowed while the individual is involved in the work. The effects of medical drugs are reviewed individually.

14. We will not work with children and young teenagers unless the parents approve of and are happy with the young person’s involvement, and wish to be involved themselves.

15. We will not work with students and people under 18 unless the parents approve of and are happy with the young person’s involvement.

16. We do not encourage and will not work with anyone involved in satanism, witchcraft, hypnosis or any form of covert mind control.

17. We will not work with persons currently involved with criminality or criminal attitudes.

18. We support the elected governments of the country and their democratic practices.

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