Communication is the fabric of all relationships. All living things communicate. If properly understood, it is the most important tool for enhancing quality of life.

Spirituality has everything to do with communication because it is our common ground: All native cultures of the world are based around some kind of spiritual understanding. They accept that we have a body, but we are not the body or the mind – we are spiritual in essence.

Kenja training appreciates that communication is a spiritual action and therefore, further exploration of the practical realities of our spiritual heritage leads to increased levels of perception, honesty and happiness in our physical lives.

Importantly, while the training acknowledges human beings are spiritual, Kenja is not religious – which means people of many and varied beliefs and cultures do the work.


"The quality of a person's life is dictated by the quality of their communication."  Ken Dyers


It is not just the words we say, rather the way we say them that dictates whether our communication is effective. What we intend to express passes in a look, in the way we feel towards a person and even in the thoughts we have about each other. The art of communication is very powerful and subtle.

Effective communication enables us to exchange realities with each other. This leads to an expanded and enhanced reality: One that has grown from the interchange of the two. It provides a common ground for all age groups, races and religions. It can build friendships, increase agreement, express culture and further our understanding of our spiritual nature.

An exploration of communication requires us to develop an increased awareness of personal energy, emotions and thoughts. By becoming aware of these aspects, we become more subtle and effective in our communication.

Effective communication leads to increased understanding between people. This expansion of understanding decreases conflict and enables people to better work together to achieve goals.

The relationships you have are a direct response to the communication you have given or withheld, received or resisted. There is no skill more important than communication. The development of this skill is an ongoing and lifelong journey.


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