Communication is the fabric of all relationships.
It is the single most important skill needed to increase understanding, further awareness of our spiritual essence and enhance quality of life. The pursuit of greater communication skills is a lifelong journey.
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We, women who have trained in Kenja, and our friends and families, totally reject the recent allegations made in the media by various persons.

As independent women, confident of our own abilities and pursuing our own course in life, we must speak out in defence of the late Ken Dyers and the Kenja organisation.

Over the past 30 years, the personal and professional integrity of Ken Dyers and the practices of the Kenja organisation, which he co-founded with Jan Hamilton in 1982, have been the target of a vicious and carefully orchestrated attack.

This attack has been designed to destroy the reputation and credibility of Ken Dyers and Kenja by allegations that Mr Dyers abused the trust of vulnerable women and is guilty of sexual abuse and other exploitation. This is a lie.

Based on our own personal experience over decades, until his passing in 2007, Ken Dyers was an individual who respected women. At no time was any of us ever in any way sexually compromised, exploited or manipulated by Ken Dyers. He never approached any of us with any personal sexual interest or sought any personal connection with us whatsoever.

His refusal to compromise these ethics made him a very rare individual. His exemplary behaviour towards women and respect for their lives has inspired many women and men to relate to each other in a more creative, independent and respectful way.

The training at Kenja enables women to take charge of their own lives, to choose their own paths and to grow and expand in all aspects of their lives, to obtain life skills and to survive as individuals, independently or within relationships.

Some signatories have adopted a name due to recent disgraceful attacks and harassment of supporters of Kenja, who have spoken out publicly, and also directed at their friends and colleagues.

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