Kenja acknowledges the existence of the spirit.

Energy Conversion meditation is the spirit in action.

It involves viewing the physical world with spiritual detachment and experiencing energy in its various forms. Emotion (energy in motion), thought, the body and all other physical matter is comprised of energy. Through the process of a lifetime, we can be overwhelmed by certain energies, leaving us with a residue of negative energy in our energy field. Energy Conversion meditation is a way to clear suppressed emotion, thought or energy that can divert us from what we want to achieve.

One undertakes Energy Conversion meditation with a meditation consultant – someone skilled and trained in the discipline of withholding from thought, so they are emotionally and mentally 'still' during the meditation. By operating as a spiritual ‘stable point’, they help you become aware of the energy, thought and considerations preventing you from accessing your potential. In this way, you can most effectively view the motion of energy and thought, and clear it.

Energy Conversion meditation is not new, but in its contemporary form,  is unique to Kenja Communication. It was used as a tool for spiritual evolvement by the Tibetan Buddhists, as documented in the Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation (General Introduction, Part VII, Illiteracy and Utilitarianism, last paragraph) where it is referred to as ‘psychic osmosis’ – the highest method of ‘imparting higher learning’. The North American Indians also practiced a form of Energy Conversion as a healing process.

Over more than 60 years of his life, Ken Dyers researched, developed, and simplified Energy Conversion meditation in order to remove dogma, significance and belief from the spiritual equation.
The result is a simple, contemporary technique that has been used by thousands of Australians regardless of age, race, sex or religion, to achieve their potential and explore their spiritual heritage. From its initial sources of inspiration, Energy Conversion meditation has evolved to suit modern day needs. To find out more about Energy Conversion meditation and whether it could benefit you, contact your nearest Kenja Centre.


The question is not who are you, rather, what are you?  You are a spirit.

We are spiritual in essence.

We have a body. We have a mind. We have emotions and thoughts. But we are none of these. So what are we?

We are spirits. We are aware of being aware.

The purpose of the spirit in life is to understand and detach from the viewpoints of the human by accepting the human childlike viewpoint as its guide to sanity. As spirits we are separate from all energy and mass. As spirits we are not part of the physical world. To understand this, a person needs to detach from the body and mind – both of which consist of energy. All that is physical must be ‘let go’ and at that point of ‘detachment’ we regain our natural ‘spiritual abilities’ and view the physical world in terms of cause and effect.

All religions, regardless of denomination, teach us that we are a spirit, and are ultimately responsible to a spirit for our thoughts, actions, and the mental and physical health of our bodies. All native cultures around the world also independently acknowledge that we are spiritual in essence.


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