Each of the four Kenja centres operating in Australia offers ongoing communication, effectiveness and awareness training to help people create a more balanced life for themselves, however they see fit.

This objective is pursued in a practical manner, paying attention to the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of each person’s life, through Energy Conversion meditation, Klowning, ethics, sporting, cultural and interpersonal skills training.

Energy Conversion workshops with Klowning, Energy Conversion meditation classes and Klowning classes form the foundations of the training along with individual Energy Conversion appointments with professional consultants.

It is through Energy Conversion that attendees can gain first a conceptual, then subjective and finally an objective reality on the natural knowing of the spirit and the wisdom of the human viewpoint. Each class or workshop is complete within itself, which means there are no courses, nor does a person need to attend a series of classes in order to understand or benefit from the work. The weekly class timetable and format varies slightly for the centres in each state. Bookings are essential to confirm times and availability.


There are two types of introduction to the Kenja training, designed to suit you and your timetable:

Personal introductory consultation – no cost: Most days

  • Your opportunity to find out about the Kenja training one-on-one.
  • Ask how the training works, what are the principles it is based on, what it costs.
  • Get a sense of how you might personally benefit.
  • Book a time that suits you with a training consultant.

    Personal introductory consultations last about forty-five minutes.

Evening introduction – Each of the Kenja centres runs intermittent introductory evenings. These offer the following:

  • Relaxed small group evenings detailing history, purpose and benefits of the training.
  • Demonstrations on the principles of Energy Conversion meditation.
  • Practical Klowning demonstrations.
  • Meet people who have benefited from the training.
  • Feel free to ask questions after the introductory talk has concluded.

Evening introductions last about one hour - check your nearest Kenja Centre for the next timetabled event.

  • Personal Energy Conversion meditation.
  • Weekly Energy Conversion class.
  • Weekly Kenja Klowning class.
  • Energy Conversion/Kenja Klowning workshops.
  • Public lectures with demonstrations.
  • Business communication evening lecture series.
  • Extensive social, sporting and cultural activities.

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