Communication skills

Communication remains the most powerful motivator in life. One communication can change the direction of a person’s life. A teacher or a parent can influence a child significantly with a comment. Often, it's the lightest 'throwaway' comments that impact us most profoundly.

Sometimes a viewpoint can inspire a person to undertake a fulfilling life-long journey, or convince them a dream they have is unachievable. Effective and creative communication opens the door to increased levels of honesty and promotes strong, lasting relationships.

It is a skill that can be improved and developed - a personal ability that can connect us spiritually with another person.

What is the purpose of communication?

Is it to gain wealth, reach goals and achieve success? Yes, but it is also about something simpler, more important. It increases understanding tolerance, and enhances wisdom and trust. It builds friendships, families and societies and increases the joy of living.

The key to communication is not control. It is agreement.

You can overcome resistance more effectively with communication than you can with force, because with communication, you can establish agreement with other people, and that reduces the effort in living. You will gain the most agreement when you play the game of life so that everyone around you wins – including yourself. Winning at the expense of others is not a moral question. It is simply a game doomed to failure. We all have met someone who always seems to win at the expense of others. But do they really win? After dealing with a person like this a number of times, we begin to avoid them, paying lip service when we are forced to interact with them. Communication with a lower level of honesty begins at this point.

Developing personal ethics

To gain agreement in any environment, you must establish a personal standard for the quality and purpose of your communication – the way you will and will not treat people. This is the development of a personal ethic. Importantly, ethics cannot be imposed. Communication standards or ethics are something individuals can establish only for themselves.

When we are aware of how powerful communication is, we become very respectful of it. We begin to establish ethics with our communication. If we are to put in place personal barriers or ethics that regulate our communication, what will they be? “I will cause this effect, but I will not cause that. I will assume this viewpoint, or I will not”.

As an integral and fundamental element of Kenja training along side Energy Conversion meditation, Kenja Klowning and Kenja actions, the development of personal ethics is essential if you want to play the game of life and win!

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