Kenja acknowledges the existence of the human spirit.

A newborn baby is curious, looking around absorbing everything, learning as much as possible. The journey and adventure of life has begun – experiencing the physical world. Here, the childlike viewpoint of the human spirit is alive and well.

Children are new arrivals, and as such, are closest to their spiritual origins. In their natural state, there is love because there is no fear, only the joy of potential. Normal healthy children relate to each other easily and with a joy of living that some of us have lost. They look beyond race, or religion because the human spirit has not been suppressed.

As adults it is possible to regain that joy and simplicity. If we take the time to understand and rehabilitate the human spirit it will become a force for wisdom, compassion, understanding and love. In a Klowning class, exercises provide an opportunity for each person, through the non-threatening avenue of laughter and humour, to locate and let go of behaviours which are self-destructive and often unconscious. This helps us begin to understand the necessity of sustaining a joyful and non-suppressive energy so the human can emerge. In this way, the spirit take responsibility for the rehabilitation of the human to express its viewpoints and emotions.

Jan Hamilton, Kenja co-founder, has developed Kenja Klowning over the past 25 years.  “The training works hand in hand with the Energy Conversion meditation Ken developed. Together they form the basis of the work we offer in Kenja.” Jan says. “You first gain a conceptual, then subjective then objective understanding of the natural knowingness of the spirit, and the sanity and good humour of the human."

Kenja Klowning is also a lot of fun! Find out more about Energy Conversion meditation and Klowning classes by contacting your nearest Kenja centre today.


What is the childlike part of us all?  It is the human spirit.

The human is a separate spirit in its own right. It is childlike in its simplicity and radiates enthusiasm for life. To deny the existence of the human spirit is to be bereft of wisdom.

We tend to relate the human strongly to the child, because in young children we can see the human in its natural, happy state. The human loves to communicate and reaches out freely. It loves to build and relates strongly to the physical world. The human is just interested in having a successful and joyful life for itself and the body.

As life goes on the human can get suppressed. It gets overwhelmed with the heavy situations life can present, and if it is not respected and acknowledged properly, can lose its vibrancy.

The human spirit is very buoyant. If a person is able to remove the heavy energy that suppressed the human, it will bounce back and the original joy of life experienced as a child will return.


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