As people use the Kenja training to recover their natural abilities and interests and to expand their communication skills, a natural curiosity is reignited. They begin to look for ways to consolidate the positive change they've gained through Energy Conversion meditation.

Responding to this demand, a large (and growing) list of Kenja-based activities has emerged. In a supportive, non-judgemental environment where participation at all levels is encouraged - from complete beginners to advanced and even elite level - people not only find the joy of physical and cultural pursuits, they actually improve very quickly!

We are privileged to have enlisted the expertise of consistently high quality, professional instructors and coaches - who themselves have retained a natural joy for their area - to take many of the classes and trainings.

Activities on offer include netball, hockey, fencing, soccer, touch football, basketball, Australian rules, tennis, gymnastics, athletics, sailing, aerobics, kayaking, ballroom dancing, showcase, tap dancing, ballet, music, poetry, speech and human business skills (such as leadership training by working with agreement rather than control) -  and much more!

Contact your nearest Kenja centre for more information on the training and associated huge list of activities taking place each week. 

Kenja is a constantly evolving and developing communication training ground

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