"We tend to admire the game a person plays rather than the person themselves. After all, it is what you do, rather than who you are, that dictates your contribution to the bigger game of life."

Born in 1922, Ken Dyers was a young man when he joined the Australian Army. A combat soldier in the Second World War, he saw action in El 'Alamein and the landings at Lae and Finschhafen. Ken said of that time, "Serving in combat, I realised that perception, the human viewpoint and communication were the most important tools for survival. I returned to Australia determined to preserve the human viewpoint in all of my communications and actions. I realised that if the human viewpoint was adopted, the atrocities of war would never eventuate."

Back in Australia post-war, Ken furthered his exploration of communication through an extensive and successful business career, including publishing and public company directorship. Ken's skills in effectively managing communication did not go unnoticed: US-based holding companies began calling on him as a communications adviser, to consult on executive mental health.

In the late 70's, Ken was working individually with people, using what we now know as Energy Conversion meditation as a training tool to help  people from all walks of life to pursue their own purposes in life, through greater spiritual awareness and understanding. It was at that time he met Jan Hamilton - a former physics teacher and trained actor who'd recently returned to Australia after studying in the UK on a Government grant, to pass on what she'd learned.

Jan invited Ken to work with her clowning class participants - and the quantum leap in their ability to communicate, to relate to an audience, to take direction and duplicate - was immediate. Demand for a training that combined Ken and Jan's disciplines was immediate - thus in 1982, Kenja was formed.


"You get wisdom by listening to life, listening to people and understanding the pain that causes their problems. Not listening with your body's ears - they hear only the sounds of the physical world. Rather, listening with your perception."

Over nearly six decades of personal research, Ken lectured and demonstrated the practical use and handling of personal energy across all areas of human endeavour, at Kenja lectures as well as diverse organisations covering industry, business, defence and human resources.

Ken consistently demonstrated his consciousness of the spiritual universe. Everyone who knew him marvelled at this inspirational, caring and courageous man who could never be in company without helping the people he was with. Ken bubbled with warmth, and he used it to enhance our own ability to confront our own weaknesses. He was a true spirit warrior, fearless, who would stand up at any time to the suppression of the human, and the right of the individual to evolve.

"If, as people, we are just relating on a physical level, then it can be a long days' march before we find anything really inspiring. Yet every time I meet a person and become aware of them spiritually, I am inspired by their qualities and inherent potential. Every time - without fail!"

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