Australians Ken Dyers and Jan Hamilton co-founded Kenja Communication in Sydney in 1982. The word 'KENJA' is simply an anagram of their names.

Kenja offers practical training in effective personal communication and in the exploration of spiritual detachment. It helps people develop their understanding of stable spiritual truths, then apply these to daily life for the benefit of all.

There are centres Australia-wide, running training in spiritual understanding in a physical world. Kenja is neither political nor religious – which means people of varied beliefs and cultures do the work, and because there is no membership to Kenja, people come and go as they choose.

There are four core components to Kenja training:

Energy Conversion meditation – pioneered by Ken Dyers and based on over 60 years of his personal research. Drawing on many wisdoms including those of eastern culture, Energy Conversion meditation is a way to permanently eliminate the suppressed emotion, thought or energy that can divert us from what we want to achieve. Two spirits, if they are able to be completely still, can view the energy of this suppressed thought or energy, and so disperse it.

Kenja Klowning – Taking from the influence of "clowning" in our culture, Jan Hamilton has used this influence to promote and develop free expression of the human viewpoint – that simple, childlike viewpoint which naturally radiates a genuine enthusiasm for life;

Personal ethics - developing greater understanding of the importance of personal ethics which are individual to every person and act as self-imposed barriers to define our freedoms.

The Kenja action – As people use the Kenja training to recover their natural abilities and expand their communication skills, the idea of exploring new areas opens up for them. Natural curiosity returns – and so alongside classes, workshops and individual meditation, Kenja offers a large (and growing) list of activities. These were organised in response to a need for actions that would help consolidate the changes achieved by people doing Energy Conversion meditation. Actions include Netball, Hockey, Fencing, Soccer, Touch Football, Basketball and Australian Rules Football, Tennis, Gymnastics, Athletics, Sailing, Tap Dancing, Ballet, Music, Poetry, Speech, human business skills and much more.

Together, these elements encourage positive personal growth and the opportunity for enhanced spiritual understanding in a physical world.

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