Manufacturing a "Cult" and its leader:
'Beyond Our Ken', a pseudo-documentary based on a hostile narrative

Beyond Our Ken - how Melissa falsified the "A Current Affair" question and response

Beyond Our Ken - Melissa's attempt to invalidate Energy Conversion

Beyond Our Ken - Manufacturing of an answer regarding Cornelia Rau

Beyond Our Ken - The real story of Michael Beaver

Melissa Maclean's school of falsification: The footage she didn't want in the film
(so much for a balanced documentary)

Jan has just spent an hour with Melissa showing her documentation to prove the involvement of Annette Stephens and Wendy Beaver in Michael Beaver's suicide. She then wants to ask Ken and Jan questions - they had no idea beforehand that these questions were coming.

Melissa spends 3 and a half hours with Ken and Jan asking these questions.

Note Melissa says she wants to give Ken and Jan a chance to answer but includes virtually none of these answers.

Maclean adopts a technique of repeating negative allegations to them, which clearly was creating frustration and annoyance in Ken and Jan.

This is a selection of the lengthy answers given by Ken and Jan concerning the following topics.

Mind control (none of this was used in the film)

Steps Kenja takes to make sure it does not trap people (none of this was used in the film)

Children and the human spirit (none of this was used in the film)

Kenja is governed by its own set of ethics (none of this was used in the film)

Energy conversion (none of this was used in the film)

There are hours of Ken talking about Energy Conversion - none of the real explanation or discussion was used in the film.

Hypnotism and Kenja's opposition to other mind controlling techniques

- a small section of this was used in the film, but not the whole clip, and it was taken out of context

The attack on Kenja - a brief explanation

In the close to 12 hours of footage of Ken and Jan, the explanation for the attack was discussed in detail. None of this is rationally presented in the film. Here is an extremely small clip of Jan explaining it. Melissa would push this point about the attack continually, refusing to genuinely explore the answers. Maclean's mind was closed to the alternative narrative, hardly the perspective of a genuine documentary film maker.

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