Excerpts from the lecture “The Mechanics of Energy Conversion” by Ken Dyers on 17 May 1995.

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Creating identities for basic life skills

We need to be able to create different identities to undertake different tasks and to be able to communicate effectively in life.

For example, I can create the identity of a sailor and a different identity of a gardener. But if I try to understand a garden with the viewpoint of a sailor, it will be hard.

We create different identities and different mental perspectives to be effective at what we do. We all do it.

A stuck identity

Sometimes you get stuck with one particular identity. This is usually the name people call you and your occupation (like ‘Joe the builder’ or ‘Henry the lawyer’). You probably agreed over time to this identity, as it fitted the plans people around you had for your life, and it helped you get on and find a “place” in society.

Matching identities

Sometimes we create an identity and try to get another person to have a matching identity. For example, if I were pursuing a physical activity, like weightlifting, I would create an identity and mind that was directed to the purely physical. I would not like people being intellectual around me. The mental perspective I had created would be directed to my body – how my body felt would be how I felt.

We sometimes forget we created these identities for ourselves, and are consequently limited by the viewpoints we created with them, hindering us in creating new perspectives and enjoying new experiences. An identity can prevent us from expanding and experiencing different realities.

Operating outside a stuck identity

A child doesn’t operate like that. The child will say, “My body’s tired, but I’m not”. They aren’t restricted by the stuck identities that develop later in life – they want to create excitement and adventure.

Children don’t identify with their body and how it feels, they want the body to follow their commands.

When the spirit makes a decision and the body follows, it makes everything we do more effective.

Using an identity to hide pain

Identities are usually created over time to conform to conventions and expectations outside of us. People create an identity to protect their human aspect from pain, due to a lack of awareness of the human viewpoint in the environment.

The individual can forget that they created this identity to protect their human aspect and this will become a liability as they get older. It stops them being open to receiving information and love from the environment, yet these are needed to handle situations and lead a fuller life.

This is a good reason not to get stuck with an identity that restricts your ability to communicate, create new viewpoints, handle new situations, and be open to new experiences.

The unconscious mind can reduce effectiveness

This appears when you have a thought in your head that you don’t want there. For example you go to ask your boss for a raise, you’re all prepared and then suddenly you see the boss and have a negative thought about him. You’re worried your boss has picked that up and it influences your detachment and ability to communicate the way you intended. Something in the unconscious mind, something negative, like fear, has limited your effectiveness.

Do we have control of our minds?

Sometimes our minds are out of control, because the unconscious mind keeps bubbling up with unexpected thoughts and feelings. If these thoughts are not acceptable to you, you use distraction to try to hold them away.

This takes attention away from the application of your natural intelligence to a given situation. You can only apply your intelligence where your attention is focussed. If your attention is reduced by holding back negative thought, you can’t apply your intelligence as effectively to a situation as you otherwise could.

The human spirit

This is the childlike part of us that we all have in common. It has a state of love consciousness and it is the common heritage of all people. Regardless of any differences in race, culture or creed, we all have a human spirit.

If you want harmony, know how to find the human spirit in yourself and others.

Locating the human spirit

You can locate the human spirit in someone by seeing the child through time within them – from when they were very young, and as they grew into independence. The child needs to remain free and playful – even as we start to tackle the serious stuff of life and develop an adult character. As responsible people we take the human spirit seriously, we recognise it as the basis for a coherent and non-violent society.

The ability to confront pain

The spirit has the ability to confront and share the pain and uncertainty of another human being. Most people have pain inside. We tend to tuck it away and avoid experiencing it. The ability to share pain communicates to another that you won’t hurt them, and so they open up and respond to your communication. This is the key to people evolving and becoming more complete and happy individuals.

Creative use of pictures

One of the most powerful tools you can use creatively is to use pictures.

If someone has a low opinion of themselves, find a quality they have and hold it still with a positive picture of them. They may start by thinking you’re nuts to see that in them. However, if you hold it there long enough they will eventually accept and see that quality in themselves. You can do this because you don’t have the same negative considerations about them that they may have on themselves.

The practice of Energy Conversion

The purpose of the technique of Energy Conversion is to convert negative energy into positive. If you handle the energy that is destructive to what you want to do, you can apply creative thought and energy to more and more areas of your life. It has nothing to do with religion, it just works to remain healthy – emotionally, physically and spiritually. It’s about eliminating fear and having the energy of creative survival.

You locate a part of your life where you would like to do something, but you can’t get started on it. Something’s stopping you from moving forward and succeeding.

There’s an energy that makes you feel you can do what you want, but often there’s also an energy that makes you feel you won’t be able to do it. There is a conflict.

Through stillness, you locate the energy that is negative and limiting your actions. You hold it there and experience it until it disappears.

We don’t have to worry about the positive energy – you know how to create that yourself. Energy Conversion is about dissipating negativity inside us that limits our ability to experience life fully and with others.

Enjoy life and be creative

Start to look at the qualities you and other people have. If you can locate qualities in other people you start to locate them in yourself.

Give everything you’ve got to life and you’ll get stronger.

Life invariably brings some painful experiences, so learn to increase your tolerance of pain.

Increase your tolerance of love, joy, friendship and happiness and overcome fear.

Join the party of life instead of simply enduring its difficulties. The task is to open up to experience, to expand, to share the joy of life with others, and to uplift those with whom we come into contact. 

This is the 2016 Memorial of Ken's passing. It is the 9th Memorial ofKen’s passing. As we persist and evolve we understand more, and realisehow valuable the legacy of his work is, and the wisdom and love withwhich he applied it

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