"Tonight I want to give some viewpoints out in areas that we're not used to looking at, so just bear with me and see if you can follow and experience what I am talking about while I'm speaking.

Perceiving something is perceiving it in present time right now. I can perceive you there. I can locate your body and then put it aside and then I can look at your energy field and that will dictate what your potential is. Because if you've got a ceiling of energy only up to say that level before you hit succumb, that's how far you can go; that's what you can experience. If, in your energy field, you've got potential hate there, well that's going to go solid on you, then you can't handle subtle things. So I look at your energy field and that tells me a hell of a lot about you.

I have just found out by enquiry, by practicing techniques that could lead me closer to the basic cause of what motivates people and what they can do about it to change their lives. If you can't change your life you tend to get a bit bored with it. And you look for diversions. Do any of you do that?

If you get bored with your life, you look for something to occupy your mind: is that true? You don't care what it is, just something different. Did I hear that? Oh good. Ok. So that's perception: You can look and perceive a person. You can perceive what's physically there, you can perceive their energy - that's physical - you can perceive their body - that's physical - you can perceive their mind, which is just a lot of pictures. Or a potential. The energy will dictate what pictures they have in their mind.

People like to know themselves; they like to perceive and know. Everybody wants to tell everybody how someone else is, or who they are and what they're doing and so on and so on. What they really want to do is find out and look for themselves. They like to experience something and understand it.

People are so fascinating: How could you possibly be introverted? How could you be worried about your life? How could you be concerned about who you are? How could you be concerned about trying to impress people?

If your attention was on understanding people and you found that was the most fascinating subject you've ever struck in your life, it's endless. Just trying to understand somebody, because I understand you today but something's going to happen to you before tonight and tomorrow and you're going to be different. So if I assume you are the same as what you are when I first see you tonight, I could be wrong.

And if I start to treat you like you thought about yourself yesterday, I no longer have a bond with you anymore. I'm not in reality with you. Does that make sense? Because people keep changing, that's the whole fact; that's a part of living. And when you are cause over your life and you are changing for the better, then you can reach a level of happiness because you are doing something about life. But if you are stuck in 'being an effect' of life, and not enough 'cause'... it gets very boring."

Ken Dyers 2005

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