"Fear is a natural and common emotion that, if properly understood, can contribute to your survival potential. Natural fear can help us be more aware of our environment, instinctively telling us not to put a hand in a fire, or to get out of the way of a bushfire.

During the war only 7% of my unit survived in El Alamein and only 10% from the Islands*. But I'm a survivor of both. Understanding fear helped me survive, because I learned to increase my consciousness of my surrounding environment when in a threatening situation.

If you become aware of an energy of fear in your body's energy field, spiritually extend your consciousness out - to become aware of what is causing that fear. This is a natural ability; one that people can lose touch with. Having done this, you can then behave in a way to reduce the threat. But you won't be in a position to do that unless you've first become aware of the fear. Natural fear is in essence, a survival instinct.

The other kind of fear is unconscious fear. Does anybody ever feel afraid of something without consciously knowing what they're afraid of? This kind of fear controls peoples' behaviour a lot of the time, making them defensive. Don't live defensively. Don't live with unconscious fear; it's deadly! Spiritually, you draw to you that which you are unconsciously afraid of, like elastic.

If you're unconsciously in effect of an emotion of fear, you need to become aware of what you're afraid of, and then experience it. Then you will no longer be in effect of it. Just by becoming consciously aware of what was previously unconscious to you. We only fear that which we do not understand. Once we have experienced it, we understand it, therefore no longer fear it. 

Energy Conversion Meditation can help you eliminate unconscious fear and lead to increased personal stillness and joy for life.

By eliminating fear we regain the ability to respond to situations rather than react to them. If unconscious fear is in the way, we lose our power of choice. If you react through fear, other people can control you. If someone knows you will react to something they do, then they know how to control you.

But if you have no unconscious fear, you'll experience a situation and be able to respond from multiple viewpoints. You'll respond to life the way you decide to respond. That's freedom."

Ken Dyers 2005

* WWII military campaigns in El Alamein, Egypt and the islands of Papua New Guinea.
* 'In effect' means compulsively experiencing

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