Ken Dyers : ‘Until finally you are free, you can be aware of anything. I can just sit down and be aware of what’s happening in Africa with the children starving to death. All the pain in the world I can go and experience it. Because I don’t identify with pain. Now if I’ve experienced enough pain, until I no longer identify with pain. You know psychic pain, I don’t identify with it. So my attention is not here just in Sydney, on this country, but it’s world wide. I can experience the pain of anywhere I like in India, or’

Interviewer - ‘But why would you do that to yourself though?’

Ken Dyers : I don’t do it to myself at all, I can do it. I just want to know what’s happening on this planet. Curiosity, I’m a spirit and I want to know. And the thing that’s highlighted with me is curiosity. I want to know what is the total content of this planet. I want to understand life on this planet. Life is not just sweetness and light, you know in a cottonwool little universe. Life is what is there. There are beautiful wonderful things happening, and there are horrible ugly things happening. I want to know the lot. Not just the beautiful things, and not just the ugly things. But then I find that they all balance and there’s a reason for it all.’

Ken Dyers 2005

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