Does communication exist on different levels?

There are many forms of communication, someof which are very familiar to us because they arecommonly used. But there are other forms thatpeople may have lost touch with. Once we haveprogressed from childhood most communicationis sent and received on a physical level, usingenergy. If a person thinks they are simply amind, they will naturally communicate fromthe mind. If they have decided they are simplythe body, they will communicate from the body.Either way, the communication occurs on aphysical level from mind to mind, body to body,or a combination of the two.

This mind or body communication consistsof energy, therefore it has mass, and likeeverything else in the physical universe, it hasdensity. Whether it is a very light energy likejoy or enthusiasm, or a heavier communicationcontaining anger or grief, it is still physical incontent. This kind of communication is common - we deal with it every day - and at some pointmost people start believing that they are themind or the body, rather than being aware thatthey have a mind and body. This is the beginningof many communication difficulties.

But there is a much lighter, more effective way to communicate.

What is that?

The most subtle and effective level is spiritualcommunication. I don’t mean someone talkingabout spirituality from their mind; that’s communicating about spirituality. I meancommunicating from the natural spiritualviewpoint within us - detached from thephysical. At this point we get into the lighterspiritual perceptions, and this is whencommunication gets very exciting.

The basic purpose of communication is toexchange realities. If your communicationto me contains a more effective or spirituallyhigher viewpoint than Iam currently using, andif you are able to presentit to me in a way that I canunderstand and embrace,then through this creativeexchange, my reality willexpand. My reality willliterally grow to encompassyour larger reality. This isthe intention of creativecommunication. It is awonderful tool for theexpansion of personalreality and consciousness.

When we communicatefrom the spiritual, ratherthan from the physical,we exchange realities in this lighter way - fromspirit to spirit. This lighter level does not causethe same kind of resistance because it has lessmass. Communicating spiritually is like thedifference between whispering and yellingthrough a megaphone. After a while, if peopleare using too much mass or force in theircommunication, we tune out.

When someone communicates spiritually,there is nothing to resist. Fewer people tendto communicate on these lighter levels, notbecause they are unable to, but because theyhave forgotten the natural lighter skills they hadwhen they were younger - because they haveforgotten they are a spirit. Through effectiveEnergy Conversion meditation they can againbecome aware of themselves spiritually andthese areas of more subtle communicationopen up once more.

How do people regain this ability?

The problem often is that people try tocommunicate solely from their mind orbody. This is just not possible. In order tocommunicate to another person spiritually,firstly you need to be aware of yourself as aspirit. Otherwise it’s like trying to make atelephone call without picking up the phone.First you have to pick up the phone (locateyourself spiritually) thenyou have to dial thenumber (locate anotherperson as a spirit, nottheir mind, but rather thepart of them that is still,without thought or energy)then you are ready tocommunicate. You have toget thought out of the wayto do this. Then you willstart to become aware ofmental image pictures ona very subtle level. This ishow we communicateas spirits. This is howchildren communicatewith their parents beforethey can speak, it is the natural ability we wereall born with. An ability we can regain throughEnergy Conversion meditation.

By communicating to a person on that moresubtle spiritual level, you can help the persondetach from negativity?

Yes, you are rekindling a desire to know again,to arouse awareness, and this motivates change.When they have that elevated viewpoint, it ismore powerful and outside of any mind whichsays, "You can't". They can then make a spiritualpostulate which is very light: it’s a decision madeby the spirit. Once somebody makes a spiritualpostulate that they will change, they will achievethe change - possibly immediately. It is just amatter of time before they do.

If you are aware of yourself as a spirit, youhave the ability to create that awareness withanyone you communicate with. Because whetherthey are conscious of it or not, they know theyare a spirit. So, to the degree you have detachedfrom your mind, you can help people you arecommunicating with to do the same. At thatpoint they are free from the negatives in life,because all problems concern the physical.

And that is the understanding which underliesyour work?

Yes, helping people to increase their awarenessof what they are, and who they are, is what I aminterested in. Helping the mind or the body isone thing, but getting into communication withand helping the spirit is a wonderful game. Oncea person gets in good shape spiritually, the mindand body follow in a powerful, integrated way.

Why do people lose the passion for positivechange?

People lose the inspiration to create changewhen the human spirit has lost hope of a finelife. When they have been so inundated withthe experience and feeling that there is no roomin life for love, joy and magic that it becomeshopeless. Handling the basic things in life likeputting food on the table can become their onlyfocus. If we are not careful, basic survival skillscan become our major importance. Then ourspiritual evolution or the enhanced survivalof the human spirit is ignored. Once we havesurvival of the body in hand, we can get onwith the lighter, more fulfilling games. This is a "luxury" some people never afford themselves.

Ten years since Ken’s passing we say thank you Ken.

We thank you Ken for your work, insights, wisdom, dedication and inspiration in the way to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives. Lives which enable us to pursue the right tosearch for who we are. In doing so we become creative contributors to the survival of our friends, environment, society, country and indeed the planet.

Ten years on, Kenja is strong and expanding our message and techniques.

We insist on exercising our right to speak freely, adhere to our conscience, and associate with like-minded people in our society. Every individual has such rights.

Freedom of belief and association are values inherent to our democratic country, and essential to the integrity of man’s ethical and spiritual nature. Ken lived his lifepractising, supporting and communicating such values as we do now.

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