Perceiving and knowing

When you perceive something, you perceive it in present time, that is right now.
When you direct your perception to a particular individual, you direct it to a particular area.

Perceiving the body

The first thing I perceive is your body. But 'you' are not your body, it won't tell me a lot about you. So, I can use my perception to see beyond your body.

Perceiving the energy field

I can look at your energy field. That will dictate what your potential is. Because if you have a ceiling of energy, beyond which you can't experience anything, that tells me how far you can go before you fold. For example, if in your energy field, you have the potential for stuck anger, that will eventually go solid on you and you can’t handle the subtle things. So I look at your energy field and it tells me a lot about you.

The Body

The body however is cellular. It is made up of cells. Cells of the brain, cells of the skin, the internal organs - everything - including the nervous system. My main focus is the cells ofthe nervous system. As the cells are activated,it effects your thinking; it effects your emotions;it affects your energies. Sometimes you wake up and you're willing to slay a few dragons, and then all of a sudden you haven't got the energy to frighten a mouse. This is just cellular reaction.

Perceiving the mind

You can also perceive their mind, which is made up of 'pictures'. The energy will dictate what pictures they have in their mind. When you can look at somebody and perceive their energy, you know the pictures they have in their mind.

Perceive and know for yourself

People like to perceive and know for themselves. Everyone makes the mistake of wanting to tell everybody who someone else is, or what he or she is doing. However, people really want to look and know for themselves. They like to experience something and understand it. When you can really experience someone's pictures, and get into agreement with the person, it gets very exciting.

Using perception in life - people are fascinating

When you apply perception to life and the people in it, suddenly they get fascinating. How could you possibly be introverted? How could you be worried about your own life? How could you be concerned about who you are? How could you ever be concerned about impressing people if your attention was on understanding people? Why, you might find it was the most enthralling subject you had ever struck in your life. It's endless - just trying to understand somebody.

Everything changes - keep up with it

I may understand you today, but if something happens to you, when I see you again, you are going to be different. So if I assume you are the same as when I first saw you I could be wrong.

Creative change is cause over life

People keep changing - that's part of living.When you are cause over your life and you are changing for the better, then you can reach happiness. Because you are doing something creative about life.

Effect of life

But if you are stuck in being just an effect of the external world all the time - it gets very boring. You are the effect of other people and situations. You are disempowered. You don't know who you are. You are who people tell you you are. People tell you what’s happening around you, instead of you looking for yourself. People say 'read the newspapers, that will tell you what's happening'.
History is seldom told truthfully. It is changed to suit the person that promoted the history. And when you read the newspaper, they're discussing something that's happened. That's history.

Play a good game - someone will join you

Have you ever noticed if you start to play a good game, someone likes to take it from you, they like to destroy it? But somebody else wants to join you.
Life is like that. Unless we increase our consciousness and awareness, our perception and knowingness, we're going to fall a victim to all sorts of things.

Trying to 'make yourself happy'

We go around trying to make ourselves happy. You'll never get happy that way. The only way you are going to get happy is to make someone else happy and then you can experience his orher happiness.
To make someone happy, you have to see something in them that they like. It’s no good only looking at them critically and seeing what their liabilities are. That’s not going to make them happy.
You see a man and see his potential for nobility and for decency. That makes him say, “Oh yeah. I’m not such a bad fellow. This bloke’s no fool and he can see that in me”.
You see a lady and you see her quality as a human being, her capacity for being a friend. The secret in all relationships is to be friends.
Making someone else happy, will force you to look at the qualities of other people not their liabilities. If you want to just look at the liabilities of other people you won’t be happy about that at all. Look at their qualities, and they’ll look at your qualities. That’s a fact of life,but it’s different to what we are taught.
That’s different to hate, revenge, justification or doing something hurtful to some one else.

The attempt to stop people becoming self-motivated

Some areas of society try to stop people from being self-motivated. They don’t want you to be independent about yourself, but want you to be in their control. To do this they get you to believe this or believe that, but you must look and decide for yourself.
If I validate something in you that you've always known but you’ve never validated, then I’m doing a good job. I’m happy with what I’m doing. That is creative.

Excerpts from The Ken Dyers Freedom Lecture Series,
Canberra, 22nd April 2006

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