Meditation to me that is creative, is to know what you are doing.

Meditation is when you have no thought whatsoever. You’ve just got an expanded consciousness; your consciousness is very highlighted. You’re aware of energy. You’re aware of thought or energy or emotion outside of your own mind and the cells of your own body – thoughts can be impinged on those (cells) too.

When we meditate, we’re becoming aware of what stops us from enhancing our ability to be aware, because we can be thought of as a ‘spirit’ – as an ‘awareness unit’. We are aware. We don’t have to do anything about it but we are just aware of everything. We are aware of a slight shift in energy, a fixed thought, a compulsive thought, a reactive thought. And we can tell the difference between the thoughts – because of a heightened awareness and being able to differentiate between one type of thought and another.

So your ability to use your intelligence depends completely on your ability to put your attention there. You can’t apply your intelligence where your attention is not. So if you have reduced some of your attention units by resisting something and holding it back so you can carry on with life, you can apply less intelligence to that life. And certainly less knowingness.

So if you can get rid of those things that you are resisting – that you don’t want to know about – then you’ve got more attention available, and that’s why freedom comes with an increased awareness and an increased intelligence. And for the purpose of the exercise you have to assume (which is not correct) that you’ve got a thousand units of attention and you are using eight hundred of them holding things away. You’ve only got a very small amount of attention left.

When you run a few of these out, you’ll find they’re all negative. And each one of those you’ve been holding back. So that’s (meant) a complete restriction of your ability to apply your intelligence to observe the areas. You can do it by putting your whole attention on a specific area, and by holding it there you can get to know a lot about it, and you can apply your intelligence. But take you outside of that and you’re lost. Only good at that, but not good at life.

Ken Dyers 2006 

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